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Mystic Haze

These songs are a response to various elated, blisfull and emancipated moments.
They are a fluid expression, like pouring liquid, glorious colors through me into existence.

"Tracey Farrell is not a typical musician or singer/songwriter. She is not musically trained, plays no instrument and has a limited understanding of musical structure. The prayer/songs that are recorded here are inspirations that moved through her – that fell to Earth through the channel that is Tracey. Because of this, we are gifted with pieces of music that are extra-ordinary and unique - simple melodies with haunting, mystical qualities that linger in the heart and soul of the listener. Building music around these pearls has been challenging, exhilarating and rewarding. Enjoy the following descriptions from Tracey as she shares the process that resulted in this collection of songs."
Dennis Gaumond

Song List

I Release
Listen my music on YouTube "The moon spread across a darkening sky, touched me with its brilliance, and activated courage and assurance I needed to make an important decision bringing forth this prayer/song."

Jabez Prayer
Listen my music on YouTube "I was reading a little book that told the story and meaning of this prayer from the Bible. While reading, the music to the words bubbled into existence."

Golden Wings
"I was filled with awe and delight while driving one early fall evening during a most unusual and magnificent sunset – the sky was literally filled with enormous golden wings."

Song in Heart
"This was for a Hindu friend who I meditated with for many years and was deeply endeared to."

Misty Haze
Listen my music on YouTube"My mother wrote the words and melody in 1960. I heard her sing it a few time and once with my eldest sister, yet the memory stayed with me through all these years."

Where I Belong
"The sky, soft with lavenders, blues and yellows, was inviting the evening. I had been chanting while driving through wide open rolling fields feeling deliciously vibrant. As I drove up a hill the landscape disappeared, as if I was lifted into that majestic sky and this song rolled out of me."

Crescent Moon
"This playful ditty danced into existence one night just as the sky darkened with rich deep blues and the crescent moon made a joyful entrance."

Sacred Place
"This is a prayer I created with a group of Chaplains to be recited by the collective congregation. The music moved through me one Sunday morning as the prayer was being read out loud."

Days Come and Go
"It was late fall with a constant, slight drizzle of rain while I was driving along a country road. I was in a melancholy mood, contemplating the change in seasons."

On Earth
"When as a child I first heard the Lords Prayer, the words “On Earth as it is in Heaven” stood out for me and I thought to myself, that is what I want more than anything."

Wherever I Go
"This inspiration surfaced one morning when I was so full of the desire and need to know and love and always remain close to the Divine and to that which is most sacred."


Tracey Farrell – vocals
Michael Dragoman – keyboards, acoustic and nylon string guitars, percussion,
programming, back – up vocals.
Dennis Gaumond – electric guitar, dobro, Native American flute, crystal bowls,
percussion, bass guitar, programming.
Jesse Turton – acoustic bass (tr. 5)
Domenic DeNino – drums (tr. 5)
Isaiah Farahbakhsh - cello

PRODUCED BY - Michael Dragoman and Dennis Gaumond
PRODUCED AT: - Smith and Dragoman Studio, Guelph Ontario
MASTERED BY - Michael Jack, Toronto, Ontario


Heart Centered Loving Is The Only Living Worth Living
Celebrating the Magnificence of the Human Spirit

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