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Echoing Mists of Color

The Gopis would quietly step out under the night sky
and venture into the forests of Vrndavana
to dance with their beloved Lord Krsna;
dancing with ease, carried into
mists of mystical mysteries
until dawn

Let your heart and mind
embrace and absorb the
union of vocals and words
to kindle the heart Chakra
and your devotion with the
Creator of All Beauty and Love.

Echoes breathing through the instrument
of human voice; as a hollow reed
raw in native sound infuse
a quiver of delight

Song List – Continuous Mantra Meditations

Om Namo 5:18 Winter Rains, written, composed, performed and arranged, all other vocals performed, and arranged by Tracey Farrell

Produced by Tracey Farrell
Recorded and mixed by Bill Kerr @ Staffgauge
Artist Cover Design by Tracey Farrell
Mastered by Bill Kerr @ Staffgauge
Hare Krsna Mantra 7:08
Jaya Radha-Madhava6:59
Hare Krsna Mantra 6:34
Sri Caitanya 9:56
Winter Rains 7:28
Echoes of Color 8:39


About Echoing Mists of Colors

The well known, and not so well known spiritual masters throughout human history have predominately expressed that there are numerous names and forms of God, but that it is all One. Humans have created a wide variety of methods and practices to worship the ultimate Creator of All, utilizing some or most of the coaching from the masters. Sometimes in zealousness many become so absorbed in their connection with the Divine that they become certain their way is the only way – forgetting that it is all the One. Yet God is so vast that, although all religious teachings encourage us to know and worship God, we, in our limited capacity can never fully know God. However, through a consistent disciplined practice we can expand, and therefore extend our capacity to enrich our own lives and the lives of others.

The Masters of each spiritual tradition who devoted their lives to worship God have set forth direction and instructions; similar to a road map, for those followers who are attracted and choose that path way to connect with Divine and bring their inspirations into day to day life. As we spiritually develop throughout time many masters from India extend their gifts of Yoga for all the world, hence in our time of human history we in the west engage in these yoga practice developing our abilities. The ancient tradition of Bhakti Yoga – the Yoga of Devotion, integrates the regulated ongoing practice of chanting, also referred to as Mantra Meditation. Chanting the names of God is a powerful practice which takes you closer to God because it utilizes and infuses the body, mind and emotions.

As capacity increases, longing to love the Creator increases and experiencing the oneness of all that is also increases, hence a continual integrated dance. This dance is Divine Lila. Lila in Sanskrit is the word for “play”. The longing to be closer and closer to the warmth and ecstasy of such a deep love increases. Eventually the ongoing practice of Mantra Meditation draws one into the flame of love such that the mind is so infused that it then dwells upon the beloved; hence, eventually the intensity of experience expands capacity such that one can see the Oneness in all, leading then, to dissipate all other suffering; leading then into a state of deep joy, bliss and satisfaction.

Radha, the Divine Consort of Lord Krsna, in her youth would walk along the balcony of her residence looking through the forest waiting and listening for her beloved Krsna ; listening to hear for the plumes of the tall grasses whisper as He would pass. The Gopis of Vrdavana would sneak out at night to dance in the forests of Vrndavana with their beloved Krsna. These chants are intended to capture moments of lament, longing and anticipation; to communicate beauty and love; and to activate the heart Chakra.

I've had the good fortune of intimate exposure with many great souls who have generously and softly taken hold of my heart assisting to uplift my soul and teach me ways that enhance my experience of Bhakti Yoga. The Sanskrit chants; inspirations from deep within me; are from the Hindu tradition, however, being that I am of the western culture they are presented through modern technology and western style, May mists of devotion breathe through every fiber of your being. For workshops and more information Please contact Tracey Farrell at Saranova Bhakti Yoga Center in Hamilton, Ontario Canada.

Heart Centered Loving Is The Only Living Worth Living
Celebrating the Magnificence of the Human Spirit

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