A Lover's Precious Dance Book 2: Love's Tender Bow

Celebrating the Magnificence of the Human Spirit

All these things shall love do unto you that you may know the secrets of your heart, and in that knowledge become a fragment of Life's heart.

Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

Heart Centered Living Is The Only Living Worth Living

Book 3: Love's Tender Bow, Code: W.LPD.II

Love Poems by Tracey Farrell, 48 pages, Published: 2008

Print Version: 5.33” x 8.33”, Paperback
Digital Version: File Size: 250 K, 48 pages
Price: $15.00 each or $30.00/set, $10.00 Digital Version

Love's Tender Bow embraces the mind dance of surrender and direction of commitment to the beloved relationship; not only the attraction and depth of feeling but the interweaving of the two lives and what is possible in the day to day living with the beloved. The giving and receiving of ones heart is a precious dance and gift. Once awakened surrender follows almost as if no longer in control of one's own self. Yet, the pruning into refinement creates a beauty more precious than imagined.

The journey from head to heart physically is only a few inches, yet when entered, opens unmeasurable vast domains for the mind to relish and enter into the deeper sacred dance with the Divine.

From the book:


The hour was late
when turned out the light
then reviewing my fate
broadening my sight

In the dark although eyes closed
two wondrous gold eyes there I see
hidden in darkness what a surprise
not from a lamp but certain ‘tis he

I waited quite some time for diminish
yet throughout all the night held
these eyes my lover’s wish
deep into memory weld


If it be to release you
let me say now
we shared spectacular view
a parting kiss for my love vow
if be to continue our hold
this be some kind of heart test
let us be true to what ever unfold
to sweeten our lovers quest

Come what may
to you I’ve already told
sprinkle golden light your way
grateful for your precious hold

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