Oh my dear Tracey,
I just listened to your songs from Mystic Haze. Jabez Prayer brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing your gifts. Love and hugs,

T., Burlington, Ontario



Mystic Haze
, 11 songs comprised of 6 prayerful, 2 playful and 3 love songs, this is a healing CD, offering a beauty in sound that has been described as "cradling the universe". The CD is a compilation of inspired endearing and lovely songs along with 2 biblical prayers that infuse a sense of beauty and love into the heart of the listener.

The vocals, Lyrics and Melodies by Tracey, are recorded at Smith and Dragoman Studio in Guelph, Ontario, with the production, musical compositions and arrangements and mixing by Michael Dragoman of Smith and Dragoman and Dennis Gaumond.

These wondrous works were Mastered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by renowned and world class Producer & Engineer Michael Jack.

The first CD released, in 2008, is over 50 minutes of continuous soothing and peaceful Sanskrit and spiritual mantras titled Echoing Mists of Color intended to kindle the Heart Chakra.

Plans for future recordings include more inspired Prayers, Lullabies and Love Songs.

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Mystic Haze

Echoing Mists of Colors
Limited stock, Available only directly from Tracey

Pen Of Glory
Bahá’i Prayers of Bahá’u’lláh

Pen of Glory is a compilation of 19 Prayers by Baha’u’llah, the Founder of The Baha’i Faith.
Each of these Prayers inspired melodies from deep within me to spill forth.
Michael Dragoman of Smith & Dragoman composed and produced all instrumental accompaniment.

With great joy and wonder, my wish is that these soul filling Prayers infuse beauty and love
into the pulse of the universe to activate your heart, mind and soul and that of all its listeners.

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Music a mystical experience for me; is like illumined liquid colors pouring through me into existence. As a Singer Song Writer, the lyrics and melodies that move through me are described as very spiritual, beautiful, sweet, endearing and straight from the heart. My singing voice is described as unique, unusual, captivating and haunting and filled with color.

Although I am not musically trained, therefore limited in musical know-how I have released these prayer/songs into the public domain because they are inspired responses to elated, blissful and emancipated moments that became fluid expressions like pouring liquid glorious colours through me into existence.

These inspired lyrics and melodies accompanied with magnificently composed instrumentation and exotic sounds provide a soulful journey of joy and ecstasy that kindle the heart and a connection with the Creator of Beauty and Love.

It is my hope that these Prayer/Songs fill the hearts and minds of many with remembrance and gratitude of the awesome gift of life every human is given and inspire many others to pour their gifts and talents into the world, infusing joy, wonder aliveness, peace and deep satisfaction.


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