Celebrating the Magnificence of the Human Spirit

I was introduced to poetry, short stories and fairy tales at a very young age through a very worn red clothed hard covered book with gold lettering “A Childs Book of Verse.” This book provided my first most favorite poem Wynken, Blynken and Nod published 1889 authored by Eugene Fields an American Writer and Poet, which was put to music by Lucy Simon, the older sister of popular Singer Carly Simon.

Heart Centered Living Is The Only Living Worth Living

Tracey published three books of poetry, a book of affirmation with photos, a book of affirmation with art, and a self development workbook.

  • A Lovers Precious Dance Book I, II, III is a compilation of inspired wondrous poetic flow.

    The poetry that comprises A Lovers Precious Dance takes on unintended shapes, which adds to richness in dimension. Being that, these are love poems they express the sensual dynamics of an intimate relationship as well as longing and separation from the beloved and the pain and pleasure that is experienced and exchanges with the lovers precious dance.
  • Affirmation For Transformation, 35 pages

    These Affirmations, inspired by a group of women, with photos by Tracey assisted each woman to improve personal character and daily outlook.

  • Declaration Of Prosperity, 40 pages

    This compilation is intended to create a context for observation of self and to assist you to create and maintain mannerisms to improve the quality of your life.


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