I was introduced to poetry, short stories and fairy tales at a very young age through a very worn red clothed hard covered book with gold lettering “A Childs Book of Verse.” This book provided my first most favorite poem Wynken, Blynken and Nod published 1889 authored by Eugene Fields an American Writer and Poet, which was put to music by Lucy Simon, the older sister of popular Singer Carly Simon.

Recognizing the words when first hearing the song, about the age of 10, excitedly and fanatically, I marched up the stairs to locate the poem in my book. Not long after, I happened to pick a narrow hard covered book, from my mother’s random books displayed in the family den where we sat in front of a wood burning fire place and antique world globe. Taking the book out from the shelf, I perched myself onto a step of the inside stairs. Not knowing anything about the book, other than it captured my attention, curiously I opened to find words printed in poetic form. Intrigued, I flipped the book to inspect its cover title. “To Live Too Felt” enticed my inner domain, when upon I affirmed, I will live too felt, I will leave this world too felt, I will leave when fully used up.

In those days of young I did not know what that silent affirmation meant or how it would develop throughout the varied stages of my life. I did not know I myself would produce poetry or any other concrete art form.

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