Heart Centered Living Is The Only Living Worth Living

I never decided that I want to be, or that I would be an Artist or Singer or Song Writer or a Writer. I resist identifying myself with any title or role. I see my life as a healing transformative process of which varied art forms have served as tools for self-discovery. Discovery of mystery, wonder and awe and deep aspects of myself that could only be revealed through these varied expressions; resulting into concrete products of Art, Songs, Writing & Garden/Landscape projects – all of which is a deeply personal experience for me. This healing transformation process has taught me that a Higher Power (that which is an Undescribable Creator of all of life; vast; intricate; macro and micro levels of all existence; living within all of life) lives within me.

Celebrating the Magnificence of the Human Spirit

Originally from Long Island, New York, Tracey Farrell is living in Ontario, Canada since 1975.

Her formal education include study of Fine Art and Design at The School of Visual Arts in New York City, Commercial Art and Art Psychology at the San Francisco Art Academy and Horticulture and Landscape Design at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute in Toronto, Ontario. Along with formal education, Tracey has acquired training and certifications from varied natural Healing Modalities, Pastoral Counselling, Life Couch and inter-Faith Ministries.

Tracey’s integrated experience of spirituality, love of nature and artistic abilities bring into existence a visual product that is full of perpetual motion, fluid, vibrant colours and awe-inspiring beauty.

The visual artistic works invoke comments such as “Lovely”, “Very Beautiful”, “Open Flow in Motion”, “Unique and Life Giving”, “Beautiful and Life Affirming”, “Very Spiritual and Healing” and “Empowering and Transforming” and “Spectacular Affect”.

As a writer, Tracey published three books of poetry, a book of affirmation with photos, a book of affirmation with art, and a self development workbook. A Lovers Precious Dance I, II and III, books of poetry, are a compilation of inspired wondrous poetic flow. These love poems express the sensual dynamics of an intimate relationship as well as longing and separation from the beloved and the pain and pleasure that is experienced and exchanges with the lovers precious dance.

Tracey released two music albums. The lyrics and melodies from the albums are described as very spiritual, beautiful, sweet, endearing and straight from the heart.

She is the founder of CreationsByTracey and Garage Gallery Cambridge, Ontario. She worked on community based Theatre Set Designs, Mural Projects and Private Art Lessons with children and adults in New Jersey, San Francisco, Half Moon Bay, Marine County, Carmel, Toronto, Hamilton and Cambridge.

Tracey currently resides in Cambridge, Ontario with her husband.

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